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Legal translation is the most official type of translation service. It has witnessed a rapidly increasing global demand in the last few years. Legal translation is different from any other kind of translation. Its quality is measured by the letter before the consideration of a given meaning. This kind of translation is best handled by an attorney who understands not only the language, but also the legalese. It’s a unique skill that not every translation agency can provide and bear the liability of their services.

We have translators with extensive experience in legal translation service and have translated documents of all varieties. Our blend of experienced, skilled medical translation professionals, legal Consultants, and project managers gives Localization Square's translation services an advantage over the other agencies in being the ideal partner for your corporation, even if you require the most complex and specialized of legal translation needs. With us your legal translation projects are translated accurately, with the utmost confidentiality and in a timely manner.

We support you with a broad range legal translation services including:

  • Legal Document Translation
  • Legal Transcription and Translation
  • Regulations and Laws Translation
  • Legal Proofreading and Editing Translation
  • Specialized Legal Translation Services
  • Immigration or Naturalization Documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Insurance claims
  • Degrees
  • Adoption Papers
  • All legal and regulatory documents and patents
  • Documents and manuscripts
  • Court case
  • Power of attorney documents
  • Ambassador and Embassy related papers
  • Arbitration and dispute related documents

We can translate a vast array of materials from a vast array of formats, including: desktop publishing applications such as QuarkXpress, InDesign, et cetera. We can translation from any source language you may provide. For more info, check our Content Publishing Services page.

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